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Hearing the Afterlife

Dear Friends, Robert James Lees was a great clairvoyant of the 19th and 20th centuries who delivered several books to us “from the other side”, describing the life in the Great Beyond. RJLproject is the effort to produce audio version of selected of these works and make them available to the public, free of charge. Planned titles are:    “Through the Mists”   “The Life Elysian”   “The Gate of Heaven” We ask for all of you to join us and help - for now by making donations, spreading the word or consider our news item of August 6th, 2014. If you wish to help, please tell everybody we exist, keep checking in and subscribe to our mailing list! Thank you for your time. Kind Regards, Ulrich @ RJL project
Robert James Lees 1849-1931
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